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What Makes a Launch Successful?

In case you’re not familiar with marketing-speak, a launch is an occasion when you introduce a new (or existing) product to an audience. When Apple announces the new iPhone or Apple Watch and opens it up to the public to purchase, they are launching that product.

A lot goes into a launch, especially if you want it to be a successful one.

Take for instance Apple. Since 2001, Apple has established itself as a leader in consumer electronics and media. They have worked hard to create a community culture that buyers can identify with and feel part of. Their products are in high demand, often leading to long lines and sold out stores. And whenever Apple has an announcement, you can bank that it’ll be broadcast everywhere. Apple knows how to create a blockbuster launch.

Having worked as a strategist and product launch manager for Fortune 500 corporations, I’ve seen this in action. What big brands know is that there are 4 critical factors that go into a successful launch. They spend a lot of time, resources, and a hefty budget to prepare the market long before they hit the go button. When done right, they know their investment will pay off and like Apple, they’ll have a blockbuster launch.

As bootstrapping entrepreneurs, we may not have the same budget or resources as big brands, but we have the ability to leverage those same 4 critical success factors. And, in doing so, not only will we rocket our launches, but we’ll also grow our business, increase our revenue and impact.

What are they? Read below.


Go-to-Expert. Street Cred. Influencer.

With authority, you create trust and confidence in your audience that you have the expertise and solutions that will help meet their needs.


Tribe. Loyal Buyers. Advocates.

Not just a number of followers or fans; your audience are humans who trust you and are eager to purchase your products because they trust you.


Sought After. Signed Up. Sold Out.

Demand is when your audience can’t wait to purchase your products, influencers sing praises without you asking, and opportunities knock at your door.


Taking New Ground.

Expanding your reach is tapping into other people’s audiences. Media interviews, guest articles, and live events are just a few ways to do so.

Jessica Brown


In case you’re wondering who I am and how I know all this stuff… allow me to introduce myself. I’m Jess, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, gamer, geek, podcaster, wife, “professional-in-training” auntie, and lover of mocha Frappuccinos.

By day, I manage multi-million dollar corporate launches. And at night, I help coaches, consultants, and creators increase their revenue and impact through product launches.

For almost 15 years I’ve built my career in marketing by working for some of the fastest growing and top medical marketing agencies in the United States. In that time I’ve managed both US and global brand launches. I’ve partnered with brands that were crushing it and with others that were struggling because they neglected to set themselves up properly before their launch. Because of that, I’ve seen what works and doesn’t.

A few years ago, I started my own online-based business and entered into the entrepreneurial world. I dove head-first into learning everything I could about online marketing. I read books, listened to podcasts, attended webinars, and invested over 5-figures into courses. In the process, I met thousands of entrepreneurs who had big ideas, hopes and dreams but were struggling to build a viable and profitable business. Honestly, I was too.

Unlike my previous corporate clients who had big budgets and large teams, I and my fellow entrepreneurs were bootstrapping it as teams of one. It was hard.  Some of us, myself included, had to take a break from our businesses and return to our previous 9-to-5 careers.

Yet taking a step back isn’t always a bad thing. I realized that what we had failed to do was launch effectively.

You see, we did all the “things” we were told would work. We had a pretty website. We consistently added value on social media. We collected e-mails and sent weekly newsletters. We even launched using Facebook ads and webinars. Yet, for many of us, what we didn’t get was a steady income.

It’s hard to look beyond the money when you are just trying to survive. But that’s what we needed to do.

Launching any new product is complex; it requires four critical success factors: authority, audience, demand and reach.

…if you aren’t seen as an authority in your field, how will people trust that you know how to help them?
…if you haven’t taken the time to know and build an audience that trusts you, who will you sell to?
…if you haven’t tested your product to make sure it’s what your audience wants and needs, why would they buy it?
…if you don’t in front of other people’s audiences, then how will you expand your reach to build up yours?

What we did was good but not good enough. We needed a launch plan with specific goals and targeted actions. When done right, revenue and impact will naturally follow.

It’s been a few years since I took that step back. In that time, I’ve become pretty obsessed with online product launches.

With every corporate launch I do, my brain is plotting on how to take those big biz strategies and tweak them so they’d work for the bootstrapping entrepreneur. I’ve studied under some of the best teachers in order to learn all I can about online business and marketing. I’ve even stalked *cough* followed some of the top online brands in order to hack their launches.

So yeah, I’m a tad bit obsessed, but in a good way.

That’s why I’m here. I believe that launches, when done effectively, have the power to grow your business and impact exponentially.

I am determined to help you build a launch foundation from which you can grow. It’s time to use your website, email list, and social media posts to set your launches up for success.

Ultimately each of us started our businesses because we had a passion to serve and help others. We want to change the world and make it better, whether it’s on a global scale or just in our back yard. Our idea… our vision… it drives us to do this crazy entrepreneurial adventure. We are  meant to do this.

On this quest, we will face plenty of challenges along the way. But launching doesn’t have to be one of them any longer. That’s why I’m here, to be your launch sidekick and help you bring your vision to life, one launch at a time. Let’s do it together. 



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"Jess is AMAZING, insightful, soulful and way too much fun! The biggest reason I chose to work with her is that it was very clear from the outset that her skills and experience was a perfect compliment to mine. Since starting with her, I have not regretted that decision for a minute. Jess' attention to detail, degree of focus, can-do attitude, and out-of-the-box way of looking at things has already given me the juice to create magic and we're only just getting started. I'm looking forward to working with her to make my life and business dreams come true and I have NO doubt we'll make it happen."

Chara Caruthers, Bliss, Body & Soul


"Jess is a seriously supportive and empowering. She doesn't add more to-do's but rather helps you sort through the madness and mental chatter so you can find the clarity to move forward calmly and with confidence."

Lily Nichols, RDN, CDE


Don’t miss out, join the #Launch It Club today!

Receive tips, tricks and case stories about launching & scaling your business (the right way)
that I only share with my Launch Friends.

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