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Jessica Brown

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Jessica Brown, launch strategist, idea amplifier, serial entrepreneur, podcaster, and total gaming geek at your service.

I’m on a mission to help innovative CEOs (like you) start, launch and grow their BIG ideas into an incredible business that not only bring coin to the bank but also creates a lasting legacy.

Together with my team at Jessica Brown & Company, I do this by taking simple, tried and true marketing strategies and corporate systems to create and execute plans that are fun and scalable.

For over 10 years, I’ve spearheaded launch strategy + marketing for start-ups, Fortune 500 corporations and entrepreneurs alike, to help them smash their revenue goals and launch amazing products and services.

I’ve turned struggling accounts into multi-million-dollar giants, and helped business owners create booming, passion-centered businesses that light them up, and transform the world around them.

From vision building, goal setting, product creation, pricing, launch planning, execution, and creating sustainable, scalable systems to support their growth; I help my clients better operate to bring their incredible work to the right people, so they can get to transforming this planet faster.  No holding back. No excuses. We’re moving forward and building momentum! We hope you’ll join us.

Jessica Brown & Co.Jessica Brown & Co.


Lana Shlafer

My business was growing quickly and I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure on what to focus on next. Jessica provided me with a strategic plan for the next 12-months, broken down by services and products, segment revenues, estimated time investment for each and a clear way of prioritizing my actions each month. I was blown away by Jessica's ability to understand my business and intentions for how I wanted to live my life and help me! The clarity that I received from working with Jessica has been truly priceless! So much so that I have been working with her for the last 3 months to implement my plan (and keep adjusting and finessing it) and have already seen a doubling in my monthly revenue and a huge increase in how supported and confident I feel in my business.

Jessica Brown & Co.Jessica Brown & Co.

Julie Waterhouse

My head has been crammed full of a zillion ideas for things to do to grow my business. They all felt important, urgent, overwhelming. Jessica helped me figure out my priorities and put a step-by-step plan in place to execute the one I put on top of the list. Creating priorities and breaking them down into small steps helped me feel that it was manageable (which made me feel calmer).

Alexis Pierce

Lily Nichols

Jessica helped me remember my strengths, map out an approach to communicating them, and brainstorm language to use. I went into the session feeling overwhelmed and confused; she helped me find my footing, gave me clear steps to follow, and re-ignited my creativity. Perhaps most importantly, Jessica gave me explicit permission to be me and run my business and life my way. Her acceptance and perspective is invaluable.

My head has been crammed full of a zillion ideas for things to do to grow my business. Jessica helped me figure out my priorities and put a step-by-step plan in place to execute the one I put on top of the list. A big thank you to Jessica for returning my sanity!

Jessica Brown & Co.Jessica Brown & Co.Chara Caruthers

Chara Caruthers

Jess is AMAZING, insightful, soulful and way too much fun! The biggest reason I chose to work with her is that it was very clear from the outset that her skills and experience was a perfect compliment to mine. Since starting with her, I have not regretted that decision for a minute. Jess's attention to detail, degree of focus, can-do attitude, and out-of-the-box way of looking at things has already given me the juice to create magic and we're only just getting started. I'm looking forward to working with her to make my life and business dreams come true and I have NO doubt we'll make it happen!

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